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China's manufacturing industry slowed atrophy
Time:2012/2/16 14:05:02 From:Wenzhou Renhe Hardware Decoration Co.,Ltd.


CLSA (CLSA) purchasing managers index (PMI) on Monday showed China's February manufacturing sector shrank for seven consecutive months, but atrophy has eased over the previous few months.

       CLSA said the PMI rose to 45.1 in February from a record low last year, fell to 40.9 in November for three consecutive months since the increase was seen in January to 42.2.

        Latest PMI and other economic data showed China's economy is beginning to stabilize. The fourth quarter of last year, China's economic growth rate hit a 7-year low.

        But economists said the rebound is too early to say.

        JP Morgan Chase (JPMorgan) Jing Ulrich, chairman of China equities (JingUlrich) in an e-mail sent to investors said, while stabilizing the economy reveal the initial signs are encouraging, but also the sustainability of this trend remains to be seen.

        The Government will publish the first full month, the monthly economic data, outlines the economic situation more clearly defined. Government has not announced in January of investment and industrial output data, but will be released later this month, 1-2 month investment and industrial output data.

        China's January economic data distorted by the effects of Chinese New Year holidays, in addition to substantial growth in loans, other data show bad. Sharp decline in imports and exports, commodity prices fell, consumer prices rise sharply.

        CLSA's head of economic research Feisiweike (EricFishwick), said manufacturing activity is still shrinking, but atrophy has eased over the end of 2008.

        He also said that although the January rebound in the credit data, but little effect on domestic manufacturing orders: the rise of the new orders index is largely driven by export orders.

        February 39.5,1 new export orders index rose to 36.3 in January, last November to a record low of 28.2. February new orders index rose to 39.9 from January's 44.2, the lowest in history last November's 36.1.

        February employment index from a record low of 45.0 in January rose to 46.6, breaking the 9 consecutive months of decline in momentum.

        CLSA's China macro strategist Rothman (AndyRothman) said the growth in new export orders in February to bring one of the important effects, at least for now, the pace of layoffs has already peaked. He said that although the unemployment rate will continue to rise, but the biggest wave of layoffs is over.

        Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's speech also confirmed the weekend's optimistic view of the above. Wen said that despite the global financial crisis is still spreading, but the Chinese government's economic stimulus measures have been taken to play a role.

        Wen Jiabao said in January consumption and strong growth in bank lending, as the basis for improved economic situation.

        Wen Jiabao said in mid-February, China's power generation rose 15%, compared with growth of 13.2% in early February. Generating capacity is the concern of the Chinese industrial activity indicators.

        He also noted that the Chinese government stands ready to hand more determined and effective measures.

        Xinhua News Agency (XinhuaNewsAgency) on Sunday quoted Chinese Vice Commerce Minister Chung Shan as saying that China will continue to improve the economic situation the export tax rebate rate of some goods to help businesses reduce their burden.

        CLSA China Purchasing Managers Index is usually released the first working day of each month. The index by the British research firm MarkitGroupLtd. Establishment.


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